The Goldstar Journey

It is important our parents and members understand the Goldstar Journey and how we ensure our gymnasts make the correct progress during their membership.

Gymnastics is great fun and promotes a healthy lifestyle for life. We often find that children who become gymnasts often continue with the sport all the way through to their teenage years and even then they love it so much they remain involved and become helpers and Coaches!

A fun childhood hobby can convert into a part time job around studies, then a well paid job as an adult and even a rewarding and prosperous career!

Little Stars Pre-School Gymnastics

The journey begins for walking toddlers aged 1+ up to 4 years old at Pre-School Gymnastics!

The classes are suitable for boys and girls and promote co-ordination and fine motor skills whilst being a fun, active way to learn important physical movements such as balance and body control.

We provide a fun circuit which incorporates use of spring boards, trampettes, vaulting blocks, ladders, balance beams and bars and we include lots of jumps, balances, safe landing and strength work. This is interative fun to music enjoyed with their parent or family member and coaches.

The Little Stars are shown the correct way to attempt to perform movements and are given guidance and lots of encouragement!

Recreational (FUN) Gymnastics

We invite all Little Stars as well as newcomers to our club aged 4+ (and at school) to join our after school Recreational Gymnastics Classes. We nickname these classes as ‘Fun Gymnastics’ for a reason…..we endeavour to promote fun gymnastics, where children can come along learn, develop and importantly enjoy their chosen sport!

We teach movements on Floor, Vault, Beam and Bars as well as progressions for each move using our equipment, such as vaulting blocks, springboards, trampettes and safety mats. We also teach Boys’ specific gymnastics and use mushrooms, the Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars and even have a full size set of competition FIG Rings at our Brough venue!

Gymnasts progress in ability groups within their classes and move up to the next class in accordance with their age.

We operate maximum Gymnast to Coach ratios in all of our classes of a standard 8:1 up to 16:1 based on the level of qualification and experience of our Coaches.

We use the Independent Gymnastics Affiliation’s (IGA) criteria and work towards our Fun classes achieving a low Level 10 standard.

Skills Development Gymnastics

When gymnasts of any age show real determination in Fun classes and have potential to move on quickly, our talent scouts offer them a place in one of our Skills Development Classes.

These 1.5 hour classes aim to perfect the basic moves the gymnasts have already been taught, add new skills and introduce more of the all important body conditioning!

We divide the groups into age groups of Junior Development (ages 5-7) and Senior Development (age 8+).

As soon as the right body shapes are achieved and gymnasts fulfil the assessment criteria required, they are offered a place in our Silvers Intermediate Class.

The aim of these classes is to bridge the gap between fun gymnastics and gymnastics with a more competitive edge.

We use the Independent Gymnastics Affiliation’s (IGA) criteria and work towards our Development classes achieving a good Level 10 / low Level 9 standard.

Silver Stars Gymnastics

These intermediate / novice classes are to take fun gymnastics to the next level! We introduce more complex movements and use lots of practice and repetition to help the gymnasts achieve harder movements, to enable them to work towards competitions.

Whilst keeping the classes fun we also ensure the gymnasts become accustomed to the extra discipline required for competitive gymnastics.

We split the groups into Junior Silvers (age 6-8) and Senior Silvers (age 9+).

Working at the Silver Stars level also enables the gymnast to train more in the gym, from 2 to 4 hours per week.

We promote hard work and effort in the gym, so the results speak for themselves!

We use the Independent Gymnastics Affiliation’s (IGA) criteria and work towards our Silvers classes achieving a good Level 9 standard.

Intermediate Elites

These classes are specifically for gymnasts that are scouted within our club as being potential / future Elite level competitive gymnasts.

We develop these selected gymnasts quickly so they can train and prepare for Elite Gymnastics as soon as they can.

The Gymnasts selected for this level naturally want to work hard with real grit and determination to ensure they achieve the best results they can. They tend to be more competitive by nature and have a real interest in competing.

Intermediate Gymnasts train for 4 hours every week.

We use the Independent Gymnastics Affiliation’s (IGA) criteria and work towards our Intermediate classes achieving a Level 8 standard.

Elite Stars

Our Elite Gymnasts are the top level competitive gymnasts at Goldstar Active! It is a real achievement to gain a place at this level.

The gymnasts train for 8 hours per week and compete at the highest level they can at both internal and external competitions.

The gymnasts train hard on all four pieces of equipment and have competition routines choreographed for them in accordance with required criterion for floor, bars and beam.

Their bodies are conditioned, shapes perfected and time is spent on artistry, dance and presentation awareness.

We use the Independent Gymnastics Affiliation’s (IGA) criteria and work towards our Elite classes achieving a good Level 7 and above standard.