Our Coaches

Kelly Nicholson

Kelly is a Level 3 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Coach, Level 3 Pre-School Gymnastics Coach as well as a Level 3 Trampolining Coach.

Kelly has a grand total of 25 years of coaching experience, despite only being 21 years young herself ;). Kelly’s sense of humour shines through in the Club and she is much loved by all of our members from the youngest of Little Stars all the way through to our oldest Recreational (fun) Gymnasts.

Kelly coaches our Little Stars Classes and Recreational (fun) Gymnastics classes for boys and girls at both Willerby and Brough.

“My daughter has talked my ear off about everything she loves at Goldstar all the way home! Kelly is fantastic with the children (and parents) and we can’t wait to see her next time!”

Alex Burden

Alex is a Level 3 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Coach and she is soon to embark on her Level 4 Women’s Artistic Course.

Alex is the Head Coach of our Elite squad of competitive gymnasts. Alex joined Goldstar in our very first class back in 2010 when she was only 9 years old and we are proud to say she is still with us today as one of our home grown senior coaches.

Alex utilises her own experience as a competitive gymnast and dancer to help develop the young talent we see every day at Goldstar. Alex is an expert in IGA competition criteria and regularly travels around the country to take our squad to competitions as well as organises in house events. She is our head choreographer too and makes a mean, tough to beat routine!

Alex coaches our Elite squad as well as Recreational (fun) Gymnasts at both Willerby and Brough.

“My daughter arrived home tonight so, so chuffed, she’s watched the video you made of her routine lots of times and is already wanting to practice at home. You put in so much hard work, I just wanted to say thank you.”

Tanith Norris

Tanith is a Level 2 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Coach.

We are pleased to say that Tanith made the transition from Gymnasts’ parent to joining us on the mats and training to become a Coach herself! We promote this friendly, inclusive environment at Goldstar.

Tanith coaches our Intermediate Elite Gymnasts which is stepping stone for talented gymnasts to learn the necessary skills and body shapes to progress from Recreational Gymnastics to Elite / Competitive Level.

Tanith currently coaches the Intermediates at Willerby.

“My daughter has really grown in confidence as a result of Tanith coaching her, she is so patient with her gymnasts. Goldstar is lucky to have you, Tanith!”

Aimee Harrison

Aimee is a Level 3 Trampolining Coach and Level 2 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Coach.

Aimee is a high level, Senior Competitor in Trampolining herself and can jump to the height of our own rafters at Goldstar! We are not joking.

Aimee is kind, caring and patient and brings the best out in our trampolinists and gymnasts.

Aimee is our Head Trampolining Coach and coaches our Boys, Silvers and Recreational (fun) gymnasts too.

Aimee currently coaches at Willerby and Brough.

Caroline Harraway

Caroline is a Level 3 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Coach and Club Judge with 25 years’ experience.

Caroline is an original founder of Goldstar Active! She has coached many children in the East Yorkshire region and developed them from complete beginner to competition standard. Caroline does like a good gymnastics stretch!

Caroline coaches our Development Squad, bridging the gap from complete beginner to Intermediate Elites and Silvers. Caroline is also our talent scout and monitors the potential shown by the Gymnasts within the Club, ensuring they progress within our training pathway.

Caroline currently coaches the Development Squad at Willerby.

“My daughter and her friend love being coached by you as you really bring on their confidence levels, enabling them to do their best in the gym.”

Chris Burden

Chris is a Level 3 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Coach, Club Judge, Level 1 Pre-School Coach and also the Club’s Welfare Officer.

Chris has proudly been a member of club since it was founded in 2010. Chris began as a parent, offered her help as a volunteer before embarking on her own coaching journey with Goldstar. Chris is now a home grown Senior Coach at the Club and is much loved by the gymnasts and fellow coaches.

Chris is professional and patient and lends herself perfectly to the role of Welfare Officer.

Chris is also an expert in IGA external competitions and travels the country to judge gymnastics competitions on behalf of Goldstar.

Chris currently coaches the Elite and Competitive Squad as well as Recreational (fun) Gymnastics at Brough and Willerby.

Katie Walker

Katie is a Level 3 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Coach and is soon to qualify as a Trampolining Coach too.

Katie has vast experience coaching in schools as well as within our club environment.

Katie currently coaches our Silver Stars Intermediate / Novice level gymnastics classes as well as Boys Gymnastics and Recreational (Fun) Gymnastics. Katie also specialises in Pre-School Gymnastics and Holiday Camps.

In addition to her skills, Katie has become our newly appointed Party Planner and helps both members and non members organise and enjoy Birthday Parties at Goldstar! Katie listens to your party requirements and makes them happen!

Katie currently coaches Little Stars, Recreational (Fun) Gymnastics, Boys, Silver Stars and Holiday Camps at Brough and Willerby.

“Katie is an amazing coach, my four children all love her! She is a real asset to your coaching team and did an amazing job for my daughter’s party last year.”

Amy Dove

Amy is Goldstar’s Centre Manager.

Amy works her socks off behind the scenes to keep the cogs turning and the place organised! Amy basically does everything that is not coaching related.

Amy isn’t known as DIY DOVE for nothing! We have learnt there isn’t much Amy can’t turn her hand to.

Amy is the person to contact if you have any payment related queries or questions about the red tape and paperwork. Amy also manages the team and helps keep everyone pulling togeher in the right direction!

Amy currently works from both Willerby and Brough offices.

“Amy goes above and beyond and doesn’t stop until she’s got the job done!”

Laura Kitney

Laura is a Level 3 General Gymnastics Club Coach and is also one of Goldstar’s original founders!

Laura has 25 years’ coaching experience and enjoys teaching complete beginners who love the fun side of the sport!

Laura uses her own experience as a competitive sports woman to teach the discipline and importance of body conditioning, whilst still making it enjoyable – believe it or not!

Laura currently works from both Willerby and Brough offices.

Ellie Norris

Ellie is a Level 1 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Coach and is also one of Goldstar’s Elite Squad Gymnasts herself!

Goldstar prides itself in providing the complete gymnastics journey for its members, from beginner gymnast, to competitive gymnast (if they choose to if not they can happily remain a recreational (fun) gymnast), to volunteer coach and helper in the gym, all the way through to qualified and expertly trained Gymnastics Coach!

Ellie is in the process of her very own gymnastics journey at Goldstar. She regularly represents the Club at competitions, assists with the choreography for routines and coaches our gymnasts. The young gymnasts look up to Ellie as having been there and done that – to an excellent standard too.

Ellie currently coaches at Willerby and Brough.

Laura Cooper

Laura is a Level 1 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Coach.

Laura has been at Goldstar for many years, firstly as a gymnast herself, then a volunteer, trainee coach and is now qualified to Level 1.

Laura coaches our recreational (fun) gymnasts in class and also assists with our Holiday Camps.

Laura currently coaches at Brough.

Emily Harrison

Emily is a Level 1 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Coach and Trampolining Coach.

Emily has been at Goldstar for many years and is qualified to Level 1. She is also a keen trampolinist herself.

Emily coaches our recreational (fun) gymnasts in class and also assists with our Holiday Camps.

Emily is currently away at University but provides cover coaching to Goldstar whenever she is home at either Willerby or Brough.

Ryan Drewery

Ryan is a Parkour (also known as Free Style or Free Running) Coach and Boys Gymnastics Coach.

The free runners / Parkour kids as well as male gymnasts look up to Ryan as he performs himself, to a high standard!

Ryan currently coaches Parkour and Boys Gymnastics at Brough and Willerby.