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Silver Star Gymnastics

Intermediate classes for boys and girls

These intermediate/novice classes take fun gymnastics to the next level! We introduce more complex movements and use lots of practice and repetition to help the gymnasts achieve harder movements, to enable them to work towards competitions.

Whilst keeping the classes fun, we also ensure that the gymnasts become accustomed to the extra discipline required for competitive gymnastics.

We split the group into Junior Silvers (age 6-8) and Senior Silvers (age 9+).

Working at the Silver Stars level also enables the gymnast to train more in the gym, from 2 to 4 hours per week.

We promote hard work and effort in the gym, so the results speak for themselves!

We use the Independent Gymnast Affiliation (IGA) criteria and work towards our Silvers classes achieving a good Level 9 standard.

£22.50 annual insurance
£20 - 2 hour taster
£55 every 4 weeks (2 hours)
£72 every 4 weeks (4 hours)


Silver Stars


Intermediate classes for boys and girls who have progressed from fun classes

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